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Our Story

It‘s pretty hard to believe it’s only been three years since we were reunited. Somehow a  ten year gap in friendship was bridged in one night over a couple glasses of wine.

We spent our teen years through our early 20’s running around with the same group of friends. Life was wild and free, and like all adolescent memories, our adventures became just that. Our paths diverged and the easy part of writing this is that they were nearly parallel. We’d both had serious relationships, heartbreak, children, the loss of our fathers, college degrees, careers and new homes to celebrate. We just didn’t realize those new homes were not only in the same neighborhood, but around the block from each other. Incredibly, we were neighbors for three years before we learned all this.

Unsurprisingly it was social media that reconnected us. After sharing the same sentiment on a thread, we reached out to each other and quickly realized we were in too close of proximity to not catch up in person. I suppose you could say the rest was history but there’s a lot of bike rides, gym memberships, back yard barbecues, coffee dates, vent sessions, kids sleepovers, excited phone calls, late night texts and so many laughs in between.

One of the best things we did to invest in ourselves and our friendship was starting weekly “Think Tank” meetings. We set aside two hours a week where we couldn’t brag on our kids, talk about our relationships, share exhausting work tasks or mourn over politics. This was an ideas only club, and Twin Pines grew quickly and organically as plants were a passion for both of us and we had a desire to connect with our community. 

We can’t explain this exciting energy that’s motivating us but it most certainly comes from a supportive community that we’re a part of. We want to share our passions for plants, sustainability, investing in local and small business while maintaining integrity. We’re beyond grateful to have you helping us work towards that goal, and we’re looking forward to all that is to come!

Shannon and Steph


The beauty of mother nature is part of everyday life when you live in Colorado. We’re inspired by our gorgeous state, our family and community, and the love of earths’ natural beauty and the many lessons it has to share.


To help create a more beautiful and sustainable world one plant at a time.  Along the way we hope to find new friendships and create a more connected community.


Our biggest motivation is our children. They inspire us to live our passions while also motivating us to ensure a bright future for the generations to come. We’re here to be the best people we can be for them. 

Our Team

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Shannon Harring
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Stephanie Turner
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