It’s incredible how such a low maintenance plant can bring such a big vibe to a space. This dracaena is small but fierce! Thin sword like leaves colored in striking pink, white and green stripes, explode from its stalk like a little firecracker. This addition to your plant family will shine bright without much effort.

**Plants and pots sold separately.

Like many other dracaenas, this gorgeous ornamental tree has attractive leaves that come from woody stalks. The thin sword like leaves show off a vibrant display of dark to hot pink, and lime green. They grow upwards and out, filling corners and large wall spaces perfectly. These plants will do best in medium light and can adapt to low light. However, if you can keep your plant in bright indirect light, its colors will be much more intense. You’ll still need to keep an eye out to be sure brown spots don’t develop, which will signal your plant is getting too much light. On the other hand, your plant may not be getting enough light if it’s exhibiting slow growth of small leaves or leaves appear pale and lose color. In those cases, you’ll want to move it into a slightly brighter area.Thoroughly water your dracaena every 1-2 weeks, allowing the soil to dry out about 75% between waterings. Like most plants, they will need less water in fall and winter months, you can allow the soil to dry out between watering during those times. You can also let the soil dry out if you’re keeping it in lower light conditions. Your dracaena will not only be a gorgeous decoration in your space, but it is also one of the best air purifying plants for the indoors. Some studies even suggest they can have positive effects on mood and focus. All around, these plants are a fantastic way to add color to brighten your day.

Plant and Pottery Size Guide


*This is the size of the diameter for the plant and we recommend ordering one size larger for your pottery.


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