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While we all love our green landscapes, this plant brings a gorgeous burst of contrast color to the rest of your plant family. Crotons are a captivating additon to any bright sunny spot in your home or office.

**Plants and pots sold separately.


Crotons bring such an exotic vibe to your space with their intriguing leaves of yellow, orange, red and green. This Petra is our favorite Crotons here at Twin Pines, but this plant actually comes in about a dozen varieties that have a broad range of colors between pink, purple and white. They will give you back what you give them and if your can keep them in a bright sunny space, they will return the vibrance on their foliage. If you notice leaves turning too green, move your plant to a spot where it can receive full light. They can even be placed outside but keep in mind they are not hardy against frost or low temps so keeping them potted to be brought inside for winter months is a great solution. They are tropical so if you live in a drier climate, you can mimic some of the humidity they love by misting often, utilizing a pebble tray or keeping them in a bathroom or kitchen if there is enough bright light. This also means they need to be watered slightly more often, around every 5-7 days. Just keep the soil moist but not wet, especially during growth seasons. Like most plants, Crotons are susceptible to root rot if they are being over watered. Be sure to always have them in well draining soil and only water when the top inch of soil is dry to the touch. So whether you’re going for a tropical exotic vibe or celebrating fall colors in your space, this plant is versatile to meet your needs and style.

Plant and Pottery Size Guide


*This is the size of the diameter for the plant and we recommend ordering one size larger for your pottery.

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  1. Meghan Liefeld

    The colors on this one are so fun! Light green, dark green, reds, yellows, oh my! Love having this baby to sit with to have my morning coffee on Sundays. Super resilient and new growth is so fun to watch!

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