Monfort Square with Assortment


This arboreous planter is 10″ x 10″ and is the perfect host for gorgeous foliage. Ceramic and hardy with a beautiful wood like textured finish.

Cactuses: There is something about bringing the desert inside that makes for a such serene vibe. We hope these cactus assortments remind you to stay strong and resilient, while bringing you the peace of warm nights.

Succulents: One of the easiest ways to bring joy to a space is by adding little pops of color with succulents. These plants are so low maintenance and easy going, water them a couple times a month and just enjoy their company! They make great gifts for any occasion and anyone on your list.

Planter is 10″ x 10″

About Cactuses:

Like the perfect friendship, this cactus can bring you joy without much maintenance. Given the extreme nature of the desert they are native to, your cactus can handle a wide range of temperatures and drought. Plants under two years old thrive in lots of bright light but as they mature they can even handle full sun. They just need well draining soil, usually sandy and loamy, that can easily dry out between waterings. Even during their growth months, they will only need to be watered every 2-3 weeks and this drops down to monthly during fall and winter seasons. You just need to set your cactus up in a warm bright spot and check in on it a couple times a month!


About Succulents:

Interestingly, “succulent” can describe many plants that aren’t even related to each other at all! It’s actually a descriptive term to categorize plants that are well adapted to store moisture and survive in hot and dry climates. This ability makes them great beginner plants and great gifts for anyone since they’re so easy to take care of. They are a fun pop of color ranging from green to purple, that can brighten up any space. If you find a bright spot for your succulent it will love it, they can tolerate some direct light as well. Your biggest concern for succulents though will be over watering them. Small succulents, like the ones in our assortments, only need to be watered every 10-14 days. During Spring and Summer, you can add a diluted fertilizer during watering days too if you choose. You can’t go wrong adding succulents to your plant family, joyful little plants that don’t ask for much in return.


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