Nerve Plant


Easy to see why there’s so much love for this little plant! The dark foliage is decorated with a vein like pattern of silver, white, pink or red, giving it its common name, “Nerve Plant”.

**Plants and pots sold separately.

Fittonia is such a great name, fit for this adorable plant, but it is more commonly called a “nerve plant” which describes its vein like markings. This compact plant is not only charming but it is a colorful addition that will do well in your home or office because of its adaptability to a wide range of lighting conditions. Your nerve plant will be happiest in bright, indirect light, but it is shade tolerant. If it begins to lose it markings and reverting to green veins, you can move it to a brighter spot to restore its color. Your nerve plant can live in average household humidity but this low-growing creeper plant is native to the rainforests of Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, and northern parts of Brazil. This makes it especially great in bottle gardens or terrariums which can often provide the humidity it likes. You can also mimic its natural habitat by keeping this plant in your bathroom or kitchen, or misting the leaves. The soil should stay moist but never wet. Staying on a weekly watering schedule during growing season that allows the top 25% of the soil to dry out will be ideal. In Fall and Winter you can cut back watering to every 10 days. You’ll love this plant in hanging baskets, window sills, as a centerpiece or a nice touch of living decor on your desk. The places you can keep your nerve plant are as versatile as the plant itself, making it a great addition to your own plant collection or as a gift.

Plant and Pottery Size Guide


*This is the size of the diameter for the plant and we recommend ordering one size larger for your pottery.


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