Parlour Palm

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From a cluster of stems come lacy fronds that elegantly decorate any space with a bright beachy feel year round. It’s no wonder this is one of the best selling plants in the world. With it’s big energy and low maintenance, it’s a must have for all homes.

**Plants and pots sold separately.

Palms have such a luxurious vibe. They can bring images of tropical vacations or dreams of laying by a pool under their long fanned leaves. Larger palms, like the Lady Palm make a great accent as a floor plant or on a low table or stand. Parlour Palms are typically smaller and look great grouped with other plants, but can still grow to be 3-4 feet in height making them perfect for their own side table when they mature. Whichever palm fits your space, they’ll flourish in bright filtered light, especially morning sun. They like to mostly dry out between waterings, so you can water them weekly, then every 10 days in the fall and winter months. During Spring and Summer you can use a diluted fertilizer once a month for added growth. As expected, they love a more humid environment so they won’t mind be misted, having a pebble tray or living in your kitchen or bathroom. Treat yourself to this luscious addition to your room.

Plant and Pottery Size Guide


*This is the size of the diameter for the plant and we recommend ordering one size larger for your pottery.

1 review for Parlour Palm

  1. Meg Sullivan

    Such an easy way to bring life into your home! We added a large Parlour Palm to our bedroom and it just brightens up the space so much! This baby is sturdy and immune to even my own horticultural inability and has thrived for us!

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